Abri - The Good Grub Club

Teaching families and children about nutrition and exercise to help families adopt healthier life choices.

In addition;

  • support with healthy eating and cooking, understanding the importance of family mealtimes

  • a free nutritious meal


Furthermore, the club is committed, along with the help of partners, to providing physical educational activities at each session.

35 spaces - Colne Avenue Baptist Church (Millbrook)
Tiny Toes.png

A range of activities on offer for all children such as Creative Play, Arts and Crafts and Yoga/Meditation. As well as access to our beautiful garden and other spaces

Tiny Toes

Tiny Toes.png
20 spaces - Tiny Toes (Lordshill)

Globe Fit

During the day primary school aged children will have the opportunity to engage in a range of activities including sports, dance, hula hooping, yoga, crafts, cookery and world education. We work in partnership with local catering company Yummy Bite Box who provide a healthy daily hot meal to the children attending our club days.

30 spaces - St Mary's Parish Hall (St Mary's)

A range of multicultural resources and materials to provider, arts and crafts, messy play, home corner, board games, sports, team games, and food activities to include both parents and children.

Southampton Children's Play Association

150 spaces - Valentine Primary School

Our programmes have a huge focus on physical activity and children will have the opportunity to participate in a range of sports, games and activities throughout each day.

Active Me 360

80 spaces - St Mary's School
Active for all.png

We provide primary school aged children with healthy, active, enriching and engaging activities such as Lego, Arts and Crafts, Go Karts, and Sports.

Active For All

90 spaces - Ludlow Infant and Junior School  & Townhill Infant School
St Patricks.jfif

The sessions will be a range of activities including art and craft, teambuilding, games and everyday outdoor and sports activities run by a sports specialist.

St Patricks.jfif

St Patrick's Primary School

40 spaces - St Patrick's  Primary School

Team Spirit

A local sports coaching company who work within the school, to provide both enrichment activities and healthy food throughout the summer holidays. Some of the enrichment activities on offer will be multi-sports, dance, arts, crafts, drama and magic. A hot meal will be provided at lunchtime for each child who attends each day.

165 spaces - Wordsworth Primary School, Highfield Primary School, Shirley Infant and Junior School, AFC Totton FC

To run a range of sporting activities to engage all children across the summer. To offer cooking and nutritional learning throughout.

Saints Foundation

45 spaces - Newtown Youth Centre & Woodlands Community College
Oasis Mayfield.png

Activities on offer such as Sporting activities: football/tennis/badminton, Healthy living sessions – nutrition and fitness, Wellbeing sessions – positive mental health and Team building – gardening project.

Oasis Academy Mayfield

60 spaces - Oasis Academy Mayfield


Our club will be driven by sports, arts and crafts and core curriculum (through tutoring) activities. All of our activities will be focused on reaching the same goal; to develop every aspect of the ‘whole child’. As part of developing the ‘whole child’ this will naturally lead to young people being given the opportunity to show resilience, expression of their characters and flair. All of our clubs are fully inclusive and all activities are bespoke to each group. We will work closely with Radian, Explore Learning, Sound Pop Academy, Bizzy Bounce, Hampshire Events & Catering and all areas of Testlands to develop the ‘whole child’.

510 spaces - Oakwood Primary, Banister Primary, St Deny's Primary, Kanes Hill Primary, Hightown Primary & Testlands Hub

A range of Arts and Crafts, Role Play, Construction, Cookery, Sports and Outdoor Play.

Kidz Play

70 spaces - The Ashby Centre (Shirley)

We will run music making activities from our creative music studio. Sessions will be run by experienced music leaders, providing fun and engaging music activities that will include song-writing, recording, production and performance and trying a range of instruments and performance.

SoCo Music Project

30 spaces - Hightown Community Centre and Hoglands Park
Itchen College.png

Itchen Sixth Form College

Every day the children will take part in a range a physical activities from traditional sports including rounder’s, tennis, badminton, football and netball and also complete dance and keep fit classes. All children will also complete the daily mile which will take place on the college field, we make it fun by including activities along the way. We also organise a sports day of fun activities and scavenger hunts where this children run round the field looking for a range of items nature provides as well as Cooking and Computing (Minecraft world building).

86 spaces - Itchen Sixth Form College
Itchen College.png
Superstar Sports.png

Children have little time to be inactive. Each day, children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of sports and performing arts which include opportunities to take part in competitions such as football tournaments and gymnastics competitions as well as learning core skills. To enable the courses to be fresh, we are planning to ‘theme’ each week where we will run additional activities to support the theme. E.g. carnival week – we will put on circus skills and a mini show. Each day we will be running food workshops and educating the children with their nutrition

Superstar Sports

Superstar Sports.png
370 spaces - Fairisle, Bitterne Park, Holy Family, Sinclair, Mason Moor, Mansel, Maytree, Mount Pleasant & Redbridge Schools

The aim each week is to utilise our extensive outdoor areas for Forest School type activities along with support from Saints Foundation on football-based activities to enhance collaborative working, self-esteem and team building.  There will also be a range of activities on offer to include circle time and literacy and numeracy-based support.  The children attending will be encouraged to use our extensive library and quiet corners will be available for them to read independently or with the support of staff.

Thornhill Primary School

Thornhill Primary.png
50 spaces - Thornhill  Primary School

Active Nation

We will be offering a range of actives across a number of sites. Multi-sports such as taekwondo, bouncy castles, team building, football, hockey and netball at our Chamberlayne Leisure site. We have the same on offer as well as swimming lessons at our Bitterne Leisure centre. We have athletics activities, other sport and nerfs at the athletics track at the sports centre. Donuting and Skiing at the slopes, Water activities such as kayaking, canoeing and SUPing and rock climbing, high ropes and others at SWAC and Woodmill.

129 spaces - Sports Centre, Ski Slope, Woodmill, SWAC, Chamberlayne & Bitterne Leisure 

A range of enriching activities including outdoor play.

Lordshill Youth Project

18 spaces - Zoe Braithwaite Centre (Lordshill)

Every day the children take part in team-based sports activities and skills relating to specific sports.  Let’s get moving - Encouraging children to participate in high energy movement activities and games.  Wellness - Practicing happiness, relaxation, kindness, mindfulness and meditation, and encouraging children to focus on reflection and processing thoughts and emotions. Express Yourself  - Encouraging children’s sensory exploration and imagination through exciting art, drama, music, design and role play. Every week has a category focus with a Special Event organised for the children to take part in and receive a ‘take home’.

Fit For Sport

40 spaces - Hamble Community Complex
City Farm.png

Southampton City Farm

Being a city farm with 5 acres with a barn and farm animals, organic secret gardens and woodlands we are in the perfect position to teach children where their food comes from and how it grows. When you grow your own food it makes you more passionate about cooking and eating it. With lots of mucking out to be done with the farm animals, garden beds to be weeded, it is easy to forget you’re learning and exercising in nature’s green gym. We have extensive experience of the farm setting being able to bring out a side to young people rarely seen in the classroom, offering opportunities for teamwork, leadership, problem solving, social development, resilience and self-awareness. learning how to grow food, giving children a feeling of purpose by taking care of the animals, learning new skills and helping them grow.

20 spaces - Southampton City Farm (Maybush)

Enable children to enjoy a wide variety of holiday activities and sports from traditional favourites like football, tennis and cricket to new additions such as dodgeball, tag-rugby, ‘capture the flag’ and Sports Leader Courses.

Encourage children to take part and develop healthy habits and lifestyles.

Provide nutritional information for children and parents on the benefits of healthy eating and develop new skills through our enrichment programmes which includes creative play. As well as specialist training in British Red Cross First Aid, Sports Leadership and Elite Football.

Planet Education

30 spaces - Places Leisure (Eastleigh)

Activities will involve Football and basketball on our sports square, and less usual activities such as street dance.  We will also offer a range of enriching activities to support the development of resilience, character and wellbeing, including healthy relationships sessions, street and online safety sessions, computer skills, arts and crafts, music, and games.  We will offer support to children transitioning from primary to secondary school, by encouraging volunteering within the sessions, and moving from the junior to the senior club as appropriate during the summer.  Children and young people will be offered the opportunity to attend day and/or residential trips, where they get to try new activities and build their confidence and make friendships.

City Reach

60 spaces - Northam Community Centre
SeaCity logo RGB JPG.jpg

Southampton Cultural Services

Cultural Services - We believe our service does not replicate that of others as we are providing access to the city’s cultural collections. The work we do exploring the heritage and visual arts of the city compliments that of other local cultural providers. We are helping young creative minds explore the rich cultural experiences Southampton has to offer them. We hope they leave us inspired with a desire to engage in more activities and have more new experiences.

10 spaces - John Hansted, Sea City Museum, Art Gallary, MAST

Our approach uses the African arts to explore health, literacy, history and the community. We already work with many of the organisations delivering free food across the Southampton area, it seems to make sense to link our online African food videos to the food freely available in the Southampton region that week.

African Activities 

30 spaces