We have forever had an ambition to provide Southampton pupils with an opportunity for a safe, engaging, fun and inclusive environment during the school holidays as well as a nutritious meal.

We are proud to have such a supportive community who share the same values and goals all around us. 

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HAF Ambassadors come from a diverse range of backgrounds, representing different communities, sectors and professions and together, make an invaluable contribution to our city partnership.

Here are some of the fantastic supportive messages we have received so far...

Mayor of Southampton

Councillor Alex Houghton who became the current Mayor of Southampton in 2021 is the 799th Mayor of the city and the youngest mayor. Alex has an intensive background which has allowed him to develop a wide range of transferable skills. Alex has loved hearing about the HAF programme and supports this fully.  

Shelina Permalloo

Shelina Permalloo who was born in Southampton is the 2012 MasterChef UK winner and is an author of two fantastic nutritional books. Shelina is also owner to a beautiful restaurant in the city named 'Lakaz Maman'.

Richard Bland

Richard Bland is a professional golfer who has two professional wins under his belt. The most recent being the Betfred British Masters in 2021. Richard who is a resident of Southampton also particiapted in the US Open and most recently opened The Open Championship with the first tee shot. 

James Baillie

Councillor James Baillie is the Cabinet Member for Education within Southampton City Council.  As a Secondary School Teacher himself, James has a vested interest in Education as well as representing a number of additional interests for the children, young people and families  of Southampton.

Jessica Gray

Jessica Gray is a Southampton born, extremely creative and very talented artist. Jessica has worked within the fashion industry for many of years now and has developed a flattering reputation. She is currently Senior Designer for Children's Wear at River Island and has had huge success within fashion industry, including projects such as, being solely responsible for the nations newest girl guides uniform. 

Tyrone Gordon

Tyrone is a Southampton born music artist with a number of recognised national music awards. In 2019, Tyrone released his first album which featured in the charts, leading to his first sold-out UK tour. As well as debuts at some major UK fesitvals

Shannon Sievwright


Caitlin and Shannon who is club captain have been part of Southampton Football Club Women's side for a number of years. They have shared some great success in their time with a number of league titles and cup wins. As well as recently being promoted to the FA National League Southern Premier.

Caitlin Morris

Lakbir Singh

With over 20 years’ experience of working across multiple industry sectors and with people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, Lakbir is a well established Operations/Management Leader in Southampton. He is strategically working with a range of organisations here in the UK & India, providing expertise and intelligence to help link the education & sports sector with businesses and BAME communities. He is passionate about supporting our local business communities, promoting cross community cohesion, facilitating new collaborations and partnerships, supporting local industrial growth, resilience, and prosperity for all. Lakbir is also the winner of the BAM awards for 2020.

Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon is the Empowerment Project Manager for Saints Foundation. Mike has worked within the football industry for over 8 years and gained valuable experience both domestically and internationally. He has also been able to work with different communities and understand their cultures. Mike has been a part of the #SOHAF steering group and been a key part in shaping the project.

Kath Page

Kath is Manager of Southampton and Isle of Wight Music Hubs and Senior Education Manager at Southampton City Council having worked extensively in various education settings since 1997.  Southampton Music Hub is a growing partnership of local, regional and national organisations, working together to build an inspiring and inclusive programme of music making that reflects the cultural diversity of our city.

Jessica Clasby-Monk

Jessica is currently Charitable Impact Manager for City Catering. City Catering are a Southampton based organisation who are responsible for food and nutrition for over 45 schools in the city. Alongside supporting food and nutrition in schools, they also have different schemes running outside of school to promote healthier lifestyles. Jess has been a key part of the food and nutrition across the city for the #SOHAF programme. 

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